AR in marketing

By now, you’ll have heard all about it. You’ll probably even have experimented with it yourself. 

But the question is, how on earth do you use augmented reality (AR) within your business?

Here, we’ve put together a range of ideas to help you understand how you can use AR to boost sales, heighten user engagement, and create a promotion that will be talked about for years to come!

Bring your product to your customer – but in a virtual sense.

Why should your customer spend time and money travelling to you to see your goods in action when they experiment with everything you offer straight from their sofa or desk?

What if you could have 3D versions of your products so that the consumer can place them in their own real-life environment? Here at Oakley VR, that’s exactly what we do!

For example, if an individual wanted to see how a particular piece of furniture will fit within their home, or, wanted to take a walk around your latest property development, they can save time, money and hassle during the research stage by viewing your wares virtually. They then reach the next stage of the buying cycle feeling more confident in their choice.

Provide detailed information in a unique context.

AR can be used to deliver additional information to customers who are still in discovery mode. Businesses can make good use of AR technology by using apps that produce relevant information about an item or landmark as soon as the user points their smartphone camera at it.

Bring print to life.

Don’t just leave words and graphics lying dormant on a page. Adding animations and sounds into the mix is a fun, engaging way of adding extra value to printed content.

A great example of augmented reality marketing acumen at its finest is the AR menu experience pioneered by Pizza Hut a few years ago. By downloading the Oggle app, customers could scan images on their pizza boxes and menus to not only unlock interactive versions of this content, but also gain access to unique family trivia challenges.

Transform the mundane into something worth talking about.

For maximum impact, pick a run-of-the-mill location and shock passers-by into taking notice of your brand.

Pepsi Max did this incredibly well back in 2014 by bringing a little excitement to a dreary London street with an immersive AR experience in the heart of the capital. As part of their Unbelievable #LiveForNow campaign back in 2014, the megabrand’s marketing team rigged a standard city bus stop with a live feed of the street ahead, then overlaid the visuals with a series of out-of-this-world scenarios, including tiger chases, meteor crashes and alien visits. Needless to say, the graphics frightened and amazed commuters in equal measure, and Pepsi’s AR antics won the brand plenty of awards for its innovative approach towards engaging its unsuspecting audience!