For many companies, year end is nearly here. For Marketers it offers a great chance to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. The new financial year then provides the opportunity to implement the successful ‘tried and tested’. But marketing has never really been a formula that you can simply copy and paste.

Thanks to a mammoth rise in content, marketing is also getting harder. Which means marketing professionals need to raise the bar - to not only grab attention - but retain it too.

Virtual reality (VR) may not be at the top of many marketer’s priorities. In fact it may not even enter their mind’s at all. Meaning many haven’t allocated budget accordingly, which in turn makes it harder to source mid-year…which could jeopardise a first-mover advantage VR tactic for several months. 

Regardless of whether you’re reaching prospects at home, at events, or ‘tooling up’ your sales team, VR can be a powerful tool. Here are four fantastic reasons why we believe it’s a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ it becomes a necessity in your marketing mix.


  Sales’ Toolkit

 Cheat sheets, competition killers and embossed brochures pale into insignificance when pitted against a virtual reality experience. Even a sales team’s death-by-powerpoint presentation could be transformed by introducing a VR-enabled journey. 

From descriptive factory tours to immersive storytelling, VR (when done right) can leave an indelible impression on prospects.

As the ancient chinese proverb goes Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand”.


  Events & Exhibitions

As our Ride with Ron experience proved, VR can be a show stopper… and by that I mean a real stand stopper. VR has the contagious ability to turn passers by into “can I have a go” participants. Which means your event staff and 'booth babes' are managing queues of potential customers before you know it. 

The skeptic in you may think that VR is only possible with an adrenalin-fuelled experience like our MotoGP experience. But think again. VR has the limits of your imagination. We’ve even transported people into the relatively safe environments of data centres and engine rooms. If you tap into the mindset of your prospect’s care-abouts, you’ll be half way to knowing where VR could take them.


 The Lazy Prospect

Don’t just grab your prospects attention, grab their undivided attention (for far longer) from the comfort of their home. VR experiences can be introduced into the home with a simple but extremely effective direct mail campaign. With your VR experience already on the App Stores, all your armchair prospect has to do is download the app and pop their device into the branded flat-pack cardboard goggles that dropped through their letter box.

Many marketers abandoned DM due to the lack of quantifiable analytics. But a targeted VR DM campaign can be easily tracked through bespoke in-app analytics. However, the real beauty of a direct mail campaign is that your only competitors are pizza leaflets and utility bills. I know which one I’d open first.


And finally….

My final reason is not a deployment method like above. It’s as simple as this…

introduce VR into your marketing mix before your competitor does.

I wouldn’t normally suggest this tactic, but for a myriad of reasons (hardware, software and early adoption etc) costs of VR experiences have fallen in the last few years. All of which makes VR a more viable choice to consider...for you and your competitors. If you want to create (or maintain) an early mover advantage, VR is the way to go.

Costs-aside for a moment, VR can reflect positively on your products, solutions and ultimately, your brand. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes. If your marketing is using advanced techniques, then by association, your company must be forward-thinking too. 

VR provides a new platform on which to tell your brand’s story. The underlying principal of marketing (should) be about how the product or solution benefits the end user. What better way to put the customer into the heart of those benefits, than with VR.

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