3D Scanning of a Bagan in Myanmar

Those clever people at Google have been using drones to take 3D scans of historical sites around the world in order to preserve them. Every year we are losing hundreds of historical buildings and artefacts due to environmental factors, by scanning them, we’re able to preserve them in a way that has never before been seen. A report conducted by the BBC, shows how these scans can be turned into Virtual Reality (VR) simulations so that people can explore these wonders anywhere on the planet.

So, how is VR shaping our past as well as creating our future?

VR is not exactly ‘new’ technology, but most of the applications of VR are. Using VR to help preserve our history is a fascinating use of this versatile technology. Losing historical artefacts due to environmental factors is becoming more and more common, so, buy using a 3D scanner to make a digital copy of them we can preserve their history for, well forever!

Applying this technique further, this method could dramatically change the way in which we teach history in schools, what better way to learn about the Great Pyramids than to go inside one virtually?  This not only applies to history, imagine learning about the universe through VR? There really are endless opportunities to use this great technology.

Preserving our past using VR is great, but what about our future?

Virtual reality technology is to many, still a bit space agey, and we understand that. But that doesn’t mean it’s not accessible. Here at Oakley VR we work with all sorts of companies wanting to use VR to showcase their products or services in a new and interactive way, and that’s the key to it. When people can interact with a product or service, suddenly, their experience becomes unique.

By offering customers a unique experience you’re able to very quickly set yourself apart from your competition. Imagine if someone could interact with your product or service before they have even bought it? Would that increase the likelihood of a sale? I think we both know the answer to that question…

The opportunities to use VR are endless, so why not find out how virtual reality can shape your businesses future?

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