The other week I was listening to a radio interview with comedian Micky Flanagan. Back in 2007 he won best newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but as he explained, he’d been on the comedy circuit for over ten years by that point. He wasn’t a new comer at all! It was just that he’d finally been acknowledged and welcomed on to the world stage.

This happens in the technology sector too. We’ve been developing augmented reality apps for over 7 years, but it’s only when a huge hit like Pokemon Go comes along that the technology receives recognition on a global and commercial scale.

Whilst great, successes like Pokemon Go can give augmented reality a novel ’gaming-only’ perception. However whilst some businesses have been slow to recognise the true power of the technology, retail giant Amazon have realised that AR has the power to increase purchase conversion rates.

Featuring thousands of products across furniture, electronics and home decor, Amazon have integrated what they call “AR view” into their iOS shopping app.

Amazon understand that purchases aren’t just made through product information, but confidence through visualisation.

Will it fit? Is it the right colour? Will it look like the retailers ‘airbrushed’ photos’ in my home? AR View provides the answers to these often-asked questions.

Despite following in the footsteps of similar augmented reality apps from IKEA and WayFair, Amazon is one of the largest retailers who has the user base that can integrate and influence augmented reality into the everyday buying process.

Recent advances in augmented reality, such as Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore, show that the technology is finally coming of age - not only being recognised by the mainstream, but actually adopted by users too.

The word ‘gimmick’ is sometimes associated with augmented reality. But when technology helps solve problems (like visualising furniture in your humble abode) it becomes valuable to the user, and viable for businesses.

If you’d like to know more about how your business can embrace the power of augmented reality, please get in touch. We’d love to tell you more.