We're so proud to say that OakleyVR's sister company (Oakley Mobile) has been working tirelessly on an app to combat children's mental health problems. And after taking gold at the UK App Awards, the hard work is clearly paying off for The Worrinots.

When BBC Essex morning show with Ronnie Barbour wanted to know what went into making an app, they called Oakley Mobile.

From accelerating Ford's manufacturing and design processes, to NASA scientists exploring Mars, the HoloLen's possibilities are vast. But these early adopters are all, without doubt, specialist users - in their specialist fields. In my opinion, when you can demonstrate how the uninitiated layman can use HoloLens (to their advantage) you're on to a brand winner.

Continued investment from Silicon Valley’s big boys shows no sign of the AR and VR juggernaut slowing down. But considering it’s current speed, it’s no surprise that behind the VR and AR bandwagon is a trailer full of myths and misconceptions. For this reason, our Creative Director feels duty-bound to set a few things straight.

As expected, Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th birthday with the "futuristic" iPhone X. Since the razamatazz of their latest event, the spotlight has remained on one thing…price. Despite Tim Cook saying “we price for the value of our products” are Apple holding their latest innovation’s to ransom?

The problem with most computer-rendered visualisations is that you just don't believe they correctly represent what you'll really experience. I can categorically tell you that's simply not the case with the Microsoft HoloLens. The digital content really is as good as the pictures suggest and the gesture and gaze-based interactions are wonderfully natural. If you're looking for a bad review of the HoloLens and what it's capable of, don't read this article.

Whilst Apple's iPhone blazed the trail back in 2007, they’ve lost ground to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 near bezel-less designs. iPhone 8 or iPhoneX (whatever they call it) aside, it's not just the next phone that's important to Apple, it's the next 10 years too.

You’d be forgiven for not tuning in to Apple’s recent keynote at it’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference. Apple rarely use their developer conference to launch new hardware, so some of the announcements do somewhat get missed. However, Apple’s long awaited plans for augmented reality were finally unveiled and we think it could signal the beginning of mainstream AR.

At the social media giant's latest F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage and unveiled Facebook's next generation plans to "mix the physical and digital in whole new ways". The audience waited anxiously to discover that this was going to be made possible with augmented reality...a seven year old technology that is seemingly a clone of Snapchat. So what's Zuck up to?


Ever wanted to have the great Sir David Attenborough guide you through the wonders of nature? Well you don't need to wait much longer thanks to Sky VR and London's Natural History Museum.