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Mixed reality (MR) is one of the hottest concepts on the tech scene. It essentially refers to a combination of VR (virtual reality) and augmented reality (AR). Using MR, developers can merge real and virtual worlds to deliver exciting new visualisations that allow physical and digital objects to interact with each other in real time.

Those clever people at Google have been using drones to take 3D scans of historical sites around the world in order to preserve them. Every year we are losing hundreds of historical buildings and artefacts due to environmental factors, by scanning them, we’re able to preserve them in a way that has never before been seen .

As a sales and marketing tactic, Virtual Reality can be a fantastic and powerful tool. But if you haven't considered VR, then you haven't allocated budget either. This can then result in budget-pooling or delaying the early mover advantage opportunity. So here's four reasons why we believe it’s a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ it becomes a necessity in your marketing mix...and why you should budget for it.

After years of rumours, the most secretive technology company finally unveiled it's first product along with claims of making the world our desktop. So who are Magic Leap and what makes the 'One' so different in the world of augmented reality?

Successes like Pokemon Go can give augmented reality a novel ’gaming-only’ perception. However whilst some businesses have been slow to recognise the true power of the technology, retail giant Amazon have realised that AR has the power to increase purchase conversion rates.

We're so proud to say that OakleyVR's sister company (Oakley Mobile) has been working tirelessly on an app to combat children's mental health problems. And after taking gold at the UK App Awards, the hard work is clearly paying off for The Worrinots.

When BBC Essex morning show with Ronnie Barbour wanted to know what went into making an app, they called Oakley Mobile.

Whilst Apple's iPhone blazed the trail back in 2007, they’ve lost ground to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 near bezel-less designs. iPhone 8 or iPhoneX (whatever they call it) aside, it's not just the next phone that's important to Apple, it's the next 10 years too.

With the proliferation of 360º hardware, stitching software and new headsets entering the market, it’s no surprise that marketers are embracing the technology to look cool. But jumping on the 360º bandwagon to look cutting edge just for the sake of it is not a good move. Be it YouTube 360º or the 360º videos that now pop up on your FaceBook feed, these are still just environme ...

Never have the terms AR, VR, and MR been used more than 2016. And perhaps never before have these acronyms caused equal amounts of confusion.   If you’re being totally honest, do you really understand the differences between each? If you answered ‘no’, thats ok, there’s no need to feel ashamed. Perhaps our simple jargon buster might just turn that frown upside down. So, in a ...