It's award-winning. It's 100% electric. It's a true vision of the future. In fact, there's only one thing that can make Renault's concept car more impressive... The TREZOR HoloLens experience.

Making it's UK debut at London's Design Junction, Renault's incredible concept car became more of a head-turner thanks to the specialist team at OakleyVR.

From the honeycomb surfacing, clam-shell roof and Eifel Tower-spoked alloy wheels, many of the car's ground-breaking features could be seen. Unfortunately, the most impressive innovation - the TREZOR's Formula-E inspired powertrain - couldn't.

Working in conjunction with Fusion Events, the brief was short and sweet: show the invisible.

In order to achieve the easier-said-than-done illusion, our in-house HoloLens team broke the task into three challenges; 1: Create a three-dimensional parametric wireframe mesh of the vehicle. 2: Model the TREZOR's electric power train components. 3: Fuse together the virtual fragments with the car and event environment. 

The third challenge relied heavily on the HoloLen's advanced real-time spacial mapping technology - which analysed and processed the physical event environment behind the scenes.

To finalise the experience, a gesture-controlled interactive brochure was created and augmented around the physical vehicle. With a simple pinch of the fingers, guests gained access to the car's design and development process in unparalleled detail.

As our Technical Director Andrew Sharples explains "the mixed reality solution is a perfect example of the real and virtual worlds fusing together to create an unforgettable brand experience."

Press play to watch the remarkable experience for yourself...

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