Carole Nash’s incumbent event agency, Opus 3 Creative, approached us to create an innovative experience that would help the insurance brand celebrate their 30th anniversary at the 2015 Motorbike Live expo.

Amongst many other ideas our creative team came up with ‘The Carole Nash Experience’, an adrenaline-fuelled experience where by simply donning a Virtual Reality headset transports you to the heart of grand prix grid with the sole challenge of racing with a legend. 

The word ‘legend’ is commonly overused. But when it comes to ‘Rocket’ Ron Haslam, the term is rather understated. With seven superbike championships under his belt Ron is a genuine master of the biking universe. So, unless you’re a superbike rider you’ll never have the chance to race with him. Until now!

To simulate the virtual reality experience, we sent our 360º video crew up to the famous Donington GP circuit to film the action. Using a special mount, we attached our 360º camera rig to the tank of a race-tuned super bike ridden by James ‘Westy’ Westmorland, one of the only UK riders capable of keeping up with Ron Haslam. 

At the Motorbike Live show, fans flocked to the Carole Nash event stand to mount Ron’s super bike, don the Gear VR headset and race (virtually) with the legend himself. Outside of the event, the app version provides two ways to relive the action; firstly using the gyroscope or the more immersive choice of google cardboard.

Virtual reality technology and cutting edge 360º spherical footage fuse together seamlessly in this epic, adrenaline-fuelled digital solution.


We simulated a full MotoGP grid and starting procedure to create an 'only-in-VR' experience.

Barry Richardson, Creative Director


Check out some of the behind the scenes and VR event photos:


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