As VR experts we are passionate about merging the real and virtual worlds. In July 2016 the gap between the two narrowed further with the launch of the phenomenal Pokémon Go!

The game’s developers say that (within the first five months) users traveled 8.7billion kilometers in the search for new Pokémon. To convey just how far that is, that’s comparable to more than 200,000 trips around the Earth.

With all the hype surrounding the game we asked ourselves one question… ”could this addictive and exciting game mechanic be utilised by businesses?”. The answer was a resounding yes!

Decision made, the midnight oil was lit, the pizza was ordered and we sat down to develop a Pokémon Go style solution that would transform any business, sales or marketing event into an interactive experience. A digital game for the real business world was born.

The common misconception is that Pokémon Go is true augmented reality. Sadly it’s not. If we break it down, yes augmented objects are overlaid onto the real world, but not in the true sense of our typical augmented reality apps. 

Pokémon Go also uses GPS data. However, due to the nature of our deployments, our solution had to work indoors - but unlike Pikachu and Squirtle, GPS and indoor environments (such as expo halls) aren’t the greatest of buddies. 


To ensure that the solution is robust enough for business-use, we chose to fuse an ecosystem of app technology with intelligent beacons and a content management system that not only provides accuracy and stability but vast creative control of the ‘augmented’ gamification content.

Our version of the game also introduces a powerful social interaction to the campaigns and promotions it’s partnered with.  At a recent expo sales staff channeled their inner Goose and Maverick in a dynamic TopGun style hunt for a range of fantastic flying machines that would propel and monitor their sales targets for the rest of the year.

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Whether you’re after an in store hunt to catch magical creatures, or on a mission to engage and lock down magnificent flying machines at a sales expo, the possibilities are as phenomenal as the original game itself.