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For over sixty years creative filmmakers have been pushing the boundaries of virtual reality. This week Magic Leap opened their SDK to the developer community and proved one and for all that not only are hollywood-esque VR experiences possible, they are within reach for the innovative marketer too.

As a sales and marketing tactic, Virtual Reality can be a fantastic and powerful tool. But if you haven't considered VR, then you haven't allocated budget either. This can then result in budget-pooling or delaying the early mover advantage opportunity. So here's four reasons why we believe it’s a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ it becomes a necessity in your marketing mix...and why you should budget for it.

After years of rumours, the most secretive technology company finally unveiled it's first product along with claims of making the world our desktop. So who are Magic Leap and what makes the 'One' so different in the world of augmented reality?

Successes like Pokemon Go can give augmented reality a novel ’gaming-only’ perception. However whilst some businesses have been slow to recognise the true power of the technology, retail giant Amazon have realised that AR has the power to increase purchase conversion rates.

We're so proud to say that OakleyVR's sister company (Oakley Mobile) has been working tirelessly on an app to combat children's mental health problems. And after taking gold at the UK App Awards, the hard work is clearly paying off for The Worrinots.

When BBC Essex morning show with Ronnie Barbour wanted to know what went into making an app, they called Oakley Mobile.

From accelerating Ford's manufacturing and design processes, to NASA scientists exploring Mars, the HoloLen's possibilities are vast. But these early adopters are all, without doubt, specialist users - in their specialist fields. In my opinion, when you can demonstrate how the uninitiated layman can use HoloLens (to their advantage) you're on to a brand winner.

Continued investment from Silicon Valley’s big boys shows no sign of the AR and VR juggernaut slowing down. But considering it’s current speed, it’s no surprise that behind the VR and AR bandwagon is a trailer full of myths and misconceptions. For this reason, our Creative Director feels duty-bound to set a few things straight.

As expected, Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th birthday with the "futuristic" iPhone X. Since the razamatazz of their latest event, the spotlight has remained on one thing…price. Despite Tim Cook saying “we price for the value of our products” are Apple holding their latest innovation’s to ransom?

The problem with most computer-rendered visualisations is that you just don't believe they correctly represent what you'll really experience. I can categorically tell you that's simply not the case with the Microsoft HoloLens. The digital content really is as good as the pictures suggest and the gesture and gaze-based interactions are wonderfully natural. If you're looking for a bad review of the HoloLens and what it's capable of, don't read this article.